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Paul was a victim of the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. He died at the age of 22, on the 100th floor of Tower One, where he had worked for about a year. Since then, the web site he set up before his death has served as a gathering place for his family and friends to share their grief, their memories, their thoughts, and their love and loss. The posts in his guestbook have been a testament to the love and character of a young man who touched many lives, but who was taken away from us by hate, fear, and intolerance.

In the five-plus years since that day, "9-11" has been in the news in one form or another every day. It has been invoked countless times to justify controversial military, police, and legal actions; to justify various domestic and international policies; and in political campaigns. None-the-less, Osama Bin-Laden is still at large, the Taliban and Al Qaeda are still active and functioning both inside and outside Afghanistan, terrorist acts have increased, and no-one, at a high level or low, has been held accountable for any of the multitude of failures described in the 9-11 Commission Report. And only one person has even attempted to apologize.

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John Leinung
Step-Father of Paul Battaglia

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