The Contiki European Encounter

Day 10
 4 August

Gotta love the long bus rides.  We passed Florence on our way to Rome, it was a full day in the bus...we double back to Florence in 2 days because its on the way to France.  Our first night in Rome we were able to walk around with Deb the Tour Manager and see the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and the Piazza di Spagna.  When we got to the Spanish steps, Deb set us free to find some dinner and explore the city.  With Canadians Jaime, Christine, and Tracy, Stacy and Reubens and our American compadres Brad and Sonny, Dave and I set out to find a restaurant for the ultimate Roman experience.  Lesson: learn to speak Italian.  I think I annoyed the guy in the restaurant by trying to communicate with him!  I got fried shrimp and calamari and the shrimp were served with their heads on!  After dinner Dave, Brad, Sonny, Laura, Shreya, and I walked to Piazza Navona and got gelato and soaked in the atmosphere before returning to the hotel in cab.

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