The Contiki European Encounter

Day 3
 28 july

This was the first real day of the tour and we met at the Contiki departure lounge early in the morning to weigh our suitcases (there is a weight limit before your bag can make it onto the bus) and to meet our new best friends.  52 of us piled onto the bus and settled in for the ride to Dover.  During the bus ride we started to get to know people on the bus.  

It took about 2 hours to get to the Ferry at Dover because the gear shift malfunctioned on the highway.  We boarded the ferry to Calais, France and the white cliffs of Dover were a beautiful sight.  The ferry ride was about an hour and fifteen minutes long during which time we had fast food and explored the boat.  

We spent most of day 3 in the bus, as we drove through Belgium to Amsterdam and arrived at the hotel in late afternoon.  We had dinner at the hotel and set off for the city center and a boat cruise through the canals of Amsterdam.  Amsterdam was a clean, beautiful city and we explored a little and drank a little after the boat cruise.  Lesson learned: Heineken in Amsterdam is better than any where else in the world.

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