The Contiki European Encounter

Day 4
 29 july

They wake you up early: lesson two.  We bicycled around Edam, a cheesemaking village, and explored the flat terrain of Holland, passing cows, a windmill, and some Dutch people.  Next we traveled to cheese and clog making farm.  The last scheduled stop was a trip to the diamond store where we learning about cut, clarity, and other important aspects of diamond buying.  Then we had free time in Amsterdam. 

With our new friends Brad and Sonny we explored the Rijksmuseum and saw Rembrandt's Night Watch among other works of art.  After lunch with Brad, Sonny, Safet, Shreya, and Laura in a park, we explored the Van Gogh museum and picked up a travel alarm clock before returning to the designated pick up spot (in front of The Grasshopper) for dinner at the Sea Palace, a floating restaurant service chinese food.  After more drinking and hanging out, we took the train back to the hotel, ready for another big day on the bus.  

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