The Contiki European Encounter

Day 5
 30 july

Onto the Autobahn and our trip to St. Goar Germany.  St. Goar sucked.  That's right, there's no way around it, the town sucks.  It rained.  Some little St. Goar kid punched me for no reason.  Cuckoo clocks and beer steins are boring.  But we did go wine tasting and on a river cruise on the Rhine to see the Lorelei rock and the vineyards.  Wine country is beautiful but I think all there is to do is pick grapes there.

I look fat in St. Goar.  Behind me, the worlld's largest cuckoo clock

Dinner was at the hotel and the lack of life in St. Goar (it might be a town invented and owned by Contiki) meant that we weren't leaving the hotel.  The night in the hotel bar helped the group to gel and it was the first time I had hung out with drunk Australians who thought I looked like the kid from American Pie.  

Things I learned: the bus has a limiter keeping it from going over 100 km/hr, which is 60 mph.  No wonder why other busses were passing us like crazy...

The World's Largest Beer Stein

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