The Contiki European Encounter

Day 6
 31 july

Thank God we left St. Goar when we did!  Especially since the next stop was Lucerne, a beautiful city, with a beautiful clear lake, and our hotel high atop Mt. Pilatus.  We took a quick bus tour of Lucerne before heading to the cable car up to the top.  The views from the cable car and mountain were gorgeous, I can't imagine waking up and seeing the Alps each day!  The shower on the mountain had to be the weirdest thing I have ever been in, with multiple levels.  The bad thing about the mountain is that you're stuck there after nightfall since the only way up is cable car.  We had dinner in the hotel, chicken marsala and rice with a nice vegetable soup for starters.  That night we had a small party in Mike and Chris' room with Canadian girls attempting poorly to tell jokes and then it was downstairs for the "disco" they set up for us.  We were promised Irish coffee by the tour manager.  There was no Irish coffee at the bar...

Brad and Sonny made it all the way out to a cliffside church and back.

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