The Contiki European Encounter

Day 7
 1 August

Swiss National Day!  We woke up and went down the mountain and saw Chapel Bridge, the Lion Monument, and of course, Contiki's authorized stop for shopping.  I bought a watch.  Then off to the Stadtkellar for lunch including cheese fondue (eew), salad (weird), and a veal hotdog (no Nathan's hot dog).  And yodelling, and flag throwing!  Then we had a couple of hours free before our lake cruise on the crystal clear lake Lucerne.  It was Swiss National Day so the shops closed early, but we wandered around before relaxing on the boat.  Oh wait, there was no relaxing on the boat.  The driver was definitely drunk and playing danceparty music.  We then took the cog railway up the other side of the mountain.  Tonight was movie night and American Pie was playing, my finest work.  I stayed outside for a while to see the fabled fireworks display. Lesson learned: fireworks look good from the ground, they look small and dumb from 7000 feet up.  Second lesson: Contiki breakfasts are stale bread and jelly.  Where are my eggs?  Bacon?

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