The Contiki European Encounter

Day 9
 3 August

Venice!  We learned about glass blowing, but Dave and I cut out of lace making to see the Doge's Palace in what was one of my favorite cities on the tour!  We took the motoscaffi (a boat) from the coach park (place where you park busses to those of us not speaking british english) into Venice and the view of St. Mark's Square on the approach was unbelieveable.  With little free time, it was Doge's Palace, then Gondola Ride, even though my gondolier didn't sing.

In the evening it was dinner at LaVaglia where we were serenaded by 2 singers and had all the wine you could drink.  Gotta love Italian music and wine, the Australians certainly did!  It was tough to leave Venice when the night time scene in St. Marks' Square was so beautiful, with people sitting sipping espresso and bands playing, but we had to return to the hotel to gear up for the day in Rome.  

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