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and again.. Safet

Stacy & Rubens

Olivia, Warwick, Greg, and Damien

Deb and Howie in Mission Control

Olivia and Lette

Hey Warwick, I see you too.

Carlo and Tracy

See Brad and Sonny

See Brad and Sonny climb to a church on a cliff

Brad doesn't sleep on busses.

Watch out chief, you're catching flies

The kids in the back of the bus are always trouble.

Me and Mike


Julie, Emily, Laura, Christine, Shreya
Jaime, Tracy, Olivia (back)

Carlo, Tracy, Lette, Rianna, Warwick
Shreya and Olivia (back)

Safet, Greg, Julie, Emily, Christine, Tracy, Damian

John, Mike, Krystie, Jaime, Davide, Dino

The Honeymooners, Lance, Kelly, Kimmie, and Nanko

Simon, Brad, Damien, Jay, Sonny, Olivia

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