Paul & Justin in London

Day 1
 Saturday 18 March

We arrived at JFK airport at 8, for a 9:55 flight on Virgin Atlantic.  Check-in went smoothly and we had overpriced Airport McDonalds before boarding our plane.

We boarded and settled into our seats in the back of the Airbus A340.  The plane pulled away from JFK's Terminal One, but within minutes the pilot was on the PA saying that their might be an engine problem and the plane had to be inspected.  After an hour of sitting on the plane as it was inspected, we were cleared for take-off.  We were only 6 hours away from London.

Virgin lived up to all our expectations, with a 3" TV screen, choice of 8 movies, choice of 3 meals (the best food of the whole trip, surprisingly), Nintendo games,unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a snack before landing, and an ice-cream snack.  The plane also had a cool sky-map that let you see your progress and how much time was left.

We landed at Heathrow at 10:30 London time, getting our baggage and making it to the Tube at 11:15.  Apparently, they were running only dirty trains that night, and we were on the filthiest subway car ever.  We never saw another one as old or dirty for the entire trip.

We arrived at the Piccadilly Circus tube stop shortly after midnight and checked in.  Because it was so late, the double-rooms were all booked and we were put into a room with one double (not even Queen sized) bed.  The room was about 6 feet wide and 12 feet long, and the bathroom looked as if it belonged on a cruise ship.  

Our guidebook described the Regent Palace as centrally located and for the budget traveller.  Apparently all of Germany was on holiday the same week we were and found the Regent Palace to be an excellent value, because they were also staying in our hotel.

We left the hotel after settling in to walk around the area and found ourselves in Leicester Square, comparable to NY's Times Square.  After walking around for an hour, we went back to the room and went to bed, ready to explore the next morning.  



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