Paul & Justin in London

Day 3
 Monday 20 March

After both enjoying the English breakfast on Monday, we walked to the Green Park tube station and boarded the Jubilee Line for the Millennium Dome.

The Millennium Dome is a big joke the British government played on its people by squandering lottery money on a James Bond movie set.  The Dome contains 20 exhibits, 3 of which are easily identified as government propaganda designed to make the Brits work harder and save more, further increasing the value of the Pound.

Dinner on the 20th was at Rock Garden, a Hard Rock Cafe wannabe with a famous club (The Venue) downstairs.  Justin and I both had teriyaki beef sandwiches and water.  We ate outside and neither of us had jackets because we were going out partying like rock stars afterdinner, so we nearly froze.

Post dinner, it was off to Equinox for a night of drinking and watching people dance.  We each paid 2 admission, and drinks were 1.50 all night, leading us to enjoy quite a few pints of Fosters, australian for beer.  The crowd was very international, with a lot of european-looking tourists.  We stayed until around 1:30 when the music turned to MC Hammer and Tag Team (you know, Whoomp There it is).  Drunken and tired, we went to bed.

We spend all day in the Dome, including crossing the Prime Meridian and eating egg-rolls filled with meat and chicken for lunch.  At one point, I asked some British schoolboys to "move along, mates" in my British accent because they were slowing us down.  

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