Paul & Justin in London

Day 4
 Tuesday 21 March

In no rush to wake up, we skipped out on Tuesday's English breakfast and boarded The Big Bus Tour of London around 11:30 am.  The tour took us around London, and we saw "the City" which is the business district, including the PricewaterhouseCoopers offices, the tower of london, the tower bridge, the marker commemorating the fire of London, St. Paul's Cathedral and many other touristy sites.  The tour bus also took us to a dock where we boarded a Thames river cruise showing us waterfront views of the Tower of London, the houses of Parliament, the new Globe Theater and other sights.  We got off the bus near Harrods and had Turkey sandwiches (Justin learned all about the French baguette) on a side-street deli.  Justin stopped into Vidal Sasoon for a consultation, but decided to wait on his hair styling.  We shopped Harrods, not being overly impressed with the store.  It was on par with Macy's Herald Square, all though the food court was impressive and we left with tea in hand.

After Harrods, we got back on for the tour of Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, and some upper class neighborhoods.  We saw Margaret Thatcher's house, although we didn't get off the bus to ring the bell.  

Back at the hotel we relaxed before heading into Chinatown for our second Chinese experience (the first was Sunday lunch).  Two times, both fairly poor.  The Chinese who came to London aren't good at cooking, we can assume.  This time, our diced chicken and broccoli was a lot more edible than the all you can eat buffet (we haven't learned our chinese buffet lessons).

Tuesday night, it was back to Equinox for another night of drinking and watching people dance.  Tuesday was a little more expensive than Monday.  Justin had 5 pints of Fosters, while I had 2 pints of Fosters and several shots of Kahlua and Bailey's..  We didn't arrive back at the hotel until 3 am...and we didn't set the alarm for Wedesday.

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