Paul & Justin in London

Day 5
Wednesday 22 March

There was no hurry to wake up on Wednesday morning, and we got up and board the Big Bus at 11:30.  We were using the tour bus to take us  back to Kings Road in Chelsea for shopping.  We got off the bus and went into Urban Outfitters, which is even more overpriced in London than it is in America.  Then we went off to look for food (I think Justin was still drunk on Wednesday!) and found lunch at the all you can eat Pizza Hut buffet. We called Deb shortly after 1 and made plans to go to her house so she could drive with us to Windsor Castle.  After stopping at our hotel to pick up the camera and camcorder, an all-day Travelcard got us to Deb's flat.  (British word we learned today: flat means apartment).

Deb's flat was a little more than an hour's drive to Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of the Queen.  Because she was in Australia, we were able to see 5 rooms that are not usually part of the tour (the semi-state rooms).  After parking the car, we paid our admission and realized we had only a few minutes before the chapel and castle would close.  Racing to get in, Justin managed to grab some awesome pictures of the exterior of the castle.  We weren't allowed to take pictures or video inside the castle, since they need to raise funds by selling the official guides and postcards.  Even so, we've decided to fund our trip by selling postcards with some of Justin's pictures.



The Full Set of Windsor Castle Pictures is on the Windsor Archive in the Photo Album.



Windsor was very beautiful and its a shame we didn't have longer to spend there.  After the castle, we walked across the River Thames into Eton, home of the school were Prince William studies.  It was dusk and Deb was interested in an afternoon tea.  Before tea came our mission: we were on a mission to find Justin a bathroom!  The librarian at the Eton library lied and said that there are no bathrooms at Eton.  We did end up finding Justin a bathroom and getting our spot of tea and cake.  Also we found the Eton Porny school, making us wonder what those kids in Eton learn about.

 We got back to the hotel around 9 and used our Travelcard to head back to Chelsea to eat.  We ate at a diner where Justin had chicken salad and fries and I had Beef Burgundy which tasted like it came out of a can.  Two nights of hard-core drinking caught up with us and we went to Easy Everything around midnight, after dinner, then walked back to the hotel.  British thing we did on Wednesday?  Afternoon tea.

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