Paul & Justin in London

Day 7
 Friday 24 March

Friday?  Already!?  Luckily we made plans to go to Deb's flat around 1 o'clock to explore the Camden market, otherwise we would've been bored!  We woke up and finished our souvenier shopping at a tea shoppe in Chelsea.  We had lunch in a small deli on Regent Street and then it was time to buy our Travelcard and head out to Belsize Park for a day of fun.  



We met up with Deb, who was sleeping when we arrived at her flat.  We set out to Camden Market which gave us a nice experience of a non-tourist area.  We had a snack in a little bakery.  Of course Deb indulged in tea, while Justin and I had soda and cookies.  
Camden was pretty awesome, we just wandered around into the shops and various markets.  It was a lot like a big flea market.  Then we walked back toward Deb's flat and went to see her Med School and check our email.  About 6 we went back to the hotel to relax for a little.

We met up with Deb and her friend Jo about 8 and had some drinks at Harry's bar followed by dinner.  Justin and I both had chicken club sandwiches.  London bars close early, even on Fridays, so we retreated to the hotel bar where residents can be served until one.  We had a few more drinks and learned a lot about British med school from Jo and Deb.  

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