Paul & Justin in London

Day 8
 Saturday 25 March

Saturday came way too soon and we woke up, got English Breakfast at 9:40 and packed our stuff to be out of the room by 11.  Justin and I both wanted to be home on an earlier flight than the one we were originally booked on.  We went to the Virgin Standby Counter and Justin told the woman that we needed to be on an earlier flight.  She put us on the standby list, he was number 2, I was number 3.

Twenty minutes before the plane we wanted was scheduled to leave, we were called to the standby counter and given our seat assignments.  Justin was bumped up to Premium Economy (bigger seat, real glasses, all around better) while I got stuck next to a girl from Binghamton (small world) named Christine who was as intent on doing her homework on the plane as I was on playing Nintendo.  We got driven to the gate minutes before take-off and settled into our seats in the 747.  Justin enjoyed being upstairs on the plane with the other premium passengers, while in steerage, they passed out more shots of Bailey's than people really should've had on the plane.  The seven hours seemed to pass in an instant, even though the food was definitely worse on the return. 

We arrived at JFK and sailed through customs (they don't like working, so they let everyone through).  The trip was over, the week was unreal.  Start the photo tour.

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